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Shamanic Techniques

Shamans exist in many cultures and are still found among indigenous peoples today. They are the medicine men, the healers, the connection to the subtle world.

I do not call myself a shaman, but use some of her techniques – such as bringing the power animal, loosing oaths, pacts, vows, curses, removing negative energies, traveling into the soul world.
Over the years, this has become an ever greater gift for me, as I get to know and experience new things. These soul journeys, which some clients call light journeys, lead me into the very individual world of the person seeking advice and can give insights that can be very helpful and healing for the soul.

Animal communication / telepathic communication

My job as a translator is to build a better mutual understanding between you and your animal by transmitting questions, requests, wishes or statements and passing their answers on to you.
Animal communication can be used in problematic situations such as B. Illnesses or behavior problems help. It can of course also take place without any problems if you simply want to exchange ideas with your animal.
Since the basis for this is telepathic communication, I also use it with babies and people who cannot communicate verbally as well as with terminal care.

after M.Usui

We ourselves and everything in the universe is energy.
Rei- Ki (Chi) means “universal life energy” and flows into every work. But it can also be used all by itself. These include full body treatments, local treatments and remote treatments.


I am allowed to consult the runes, old Germanic characters, when it comes to the past, the present and the near future. Questions, causes, solutions can be processed in this way. The runes, I use the older Futhark with 24 characters, also have a magical effect that I like to use when traveling or doing healing work.

More deals

Courses take place with a minimum of 3 participants after prior registration and consultation.
Drinks, snacks and, in the case of all-day courses, lunch are offered.

The following courses are available:

Animal communication basic course

We learn to treat each other in a new way, lovingly and with mutual respect and to rediscover our innate abilities of telepathic connection.

Advanced course

For everyone who already has experience with animal communication and would like to expand and deepen their knowledge. A little theory and lots of practical exercises in groups of two or three await us.

Power animal seminar

This seminar is aimed at everyone who wants to call their power animal to them and /or who want to improve their contact with them. Practical exercises, drumming and the connection to Mother Earth help us with this.

Seminar on training extrasensory perception

The basic weekend includes training the most varied of perception channels, finding out one’s own favorite channel, distinguishing between one’s own and external energies, as well as consciously dealing with all one’s senses in everyday life.

The three build-up weekends can be completed after the basic weekend. It is about expanding the skills of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairaudience, intuitive knowledge, aura vision and psychometrics, which were already learned in the first course.

The weekends are at least 6 and a maximum of 8 weeks apart.

If you want to organize a course, I will come from 4 to 8 participants
(depending on the distance) to you.
The course is free for the organizer.

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