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About me


With my husband, our 2 sons and our animal companions Manou, Jade, Calimero and Summy – two older cat ladies, a stately cat and a dog girl – we live in Lower Saxony, 500m on the border with the Old Country.

From early childhood I was fortunate to be accompanied by animals. Originally I wanted to become a veterinarian, but after an internship there, this job no longer seemed suitable for me. I wanted to be close to the animals in a less invasive way and also support them on other levels.

For years I took care of injured, abused and orphaned (wild) animals. In 2002, however, I first completed my training as a speech therapist, because for me all life belongs together and contact with other people, communication and working in a medical profession were important to me.

But the interest in the more in-depth accompaniment of my human and animal companions remained, so that from 2002 I took part in various courses and advanced training. These include initiations in Reiki (grade I and II), animal communication up to the level of teacher, shamanic techniques, runic magic, introduction and advanced course in kinesiology with Dr. Keding, Cat Behavior Therapy and Mediumship Training (Arthur Findlay College).

From 2004-2009 I was also very active in the CLC, in an animal welfare in France / Colomiers. This work taught me a lot and showed me that I would like to use my light in this world to make some stretches of the way a little brighter for my fellow human beings and animals.

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