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Nadine Conrad-Nani

Being one

Life is mostly diverse, always surprising, sometimes challenging. If we are not doing well personally, or people or animals we love, this can throw us off track. It may be that we do not see the path clearly or have the impression that we are standing next to us and not being in full force.

I am happy to accompany you in rediscovering your own potential, in coping with life more easily even in difficult situations and in finding solutions. I would be happy to discuss the individual options that are available to us in a personal conversation with you.

In order to get to know myself and my work a little now, I would like to introduce myself on the following pages.

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Shamanic Techniques

…are ancient techniques that are widespread worldwide. They can help with blockages, trauma, illnesses and thus the becoming and healing of our soul.

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Animal communication

…forms a bridge of understanding between us and our animal friends.

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Runes & Reiki

…are, in their very own way, helpful companions in difficult times of life and supporters in turbulent everyday life.

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Basic course Animal communication

Advanced course

Power animal seminar

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